The 2nd Geospatial Linked Data Workshop

This week we the 2nd GeoLD workshop took place previous to the Semantics conference 2015 in Vienna. We had as invited speaker Franz Knibbe from Goedan in Netherlands. Franz is currently contributing to the Spatial Data on the Web Working Group, where people from OGC and W3C are trying to define the best ways to integrate geospatial data on the web of data. His talk was very inspiring, for instance he described us part of the spatial aspects that matter for both working groups, data that goes from gathering data from the galaxy, to microscopical skin structures. You can discover little bit more of his talk in slideshare.
The workshop continued with the presentation of three software tools for exploring geospatial data on the web. Facete is a faceted browser of geospatial data in RDF format, and also allows to edit the data. The second tool was ESTA-LD, which can be used for exploring statistical data that is represented using the Data Cube Vocabulary. And DEER, a data extraction and enrichment framework, allows to create pipelines for analysing unstructured data, finding interlinks with other datasets, and extracting knowledge form the linked datasets in order to enrich the data.
We also presented the GeoKnow Generator demo, which integrates the tools presented +9, offering enterprise ready features, in order to support the company usage of such tools. The usability of GeoKnow tools was demonstrated with two more presentations. The Supply Management showed how they integrated spatial data for improving information and decision making in the supply chain. Finally, the Tourism e-Commerce showed how the integration of geospatial data is used to improve recommendations in a motive-based user request.

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