Linked Open Data Switzerland at SWBI2015

Daniel Hladky from Ontos presented GeoKnow at the SWBI2015 conference two talks.

The first talk was the keynote on October 7, 2015 with the title “Linked Data Service (LINDAS): Status quo of the Linked Data life-cycle and lessons learned“. Within this keynote an introduction was given to the LOD2 based linked data life-cycle and the LINDAS platform. The LINDAS system is based on the GeoKnow Generator tool that was developed by Ontos during the GeoKnow project. At the end of the talk an outlook was given on future developments such as an improved natural language processing system based on neural networks and the new visualisation dashboards for RDF data.

The second talk on October 8, 2015 was part of the Linked Data Switzerland workshop. The focus on this talk was to set the stage of Linked Open Data in Switzerland using the LINDAS platform. Further the various participants discussed issues that have to be solved. For example how to build an linked data economy that publishes as many as possible datasets and how to motivate companies and individuals to start to develop new applications base don the datasets.

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