GeoKnow at the European Data Forum 2013, Dublin

This month the GeoKnow consortium supported and sponsored the European Data Forum (EDF) in Dublin, Ireland. The event aims to bring together academia, industry and the public sector on Big Data topics, as to exchange ideas, showcase new developments and devise actionable roadmaps for strengthening the European data economy.

Presentation of the GeoKnow project at the EDF 2013

Presentation of the GeoKnow project at the EDF 2013

GeoKnow was presented by members of the AKSW research group, who explained components of the recently started project and discussed a set of interesting topics such as:

  • Related efforts in the GIS domain
  • Visualization and interlinking of RDF data having multiple spatial relations to different entities (people, documents, buildings, …)
  • Synergies with the ongoing LOD2 and recently finished LATC projects.

This time, our private-public co-evolution and interlinking plans attracted most attention, as the integration and synchronization of open data sets with business ones is a crucial problem to many attendees of this forum.

As a result of these discussion we got a few feedback statements, such as

  • ¬†Address normalization should be considered as part of the integration efforts
  • Workflows of how cleaned/reconciled data can be pushed back to the sources should be investigated

The EDF was also an excellent opportunity for networking and learning about topics of interest closely related to our efforts, bearing potential for future collaborations.

Furthermore, congratulations Daimler, who won the first ever “European Data Innovator Award”, which is a price for those that “have shown exceptional vision and execution in the field of integrating and leveraging enterprise (open) data.

We thank all people involved in organizing this great event, especially Elena Simperl and Michael Hausenblas, and we are looking forward to next year’s event held in Athens.
Additionally thanks to all the sponsors who supported this meet-up.

Claus and Micha

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