GeoKnow at ISWC 2013: Geospatial Data Integration, Enrichment, Quality, Federated Querying and Winning the Big Data Prize

Logo ISWC 2013

Members of the InfAI’s GeoKnow team attended ISWC 2013 in Sydney, Australia. There, they presented several papers pertaining to the project. The first talk was centered around ORCHID, a scalable link discovery approaches for geo-spatial resources which deals with WKT data. ORCHID was shown to outperform the state of the art w.r.t. scalability and is now an integral part of the link discovery  framework LIMES. Furthermore, an approach to semi-automatically improve the schema of knowledge bases was integrated into DL-Learner and shown at the conference. This helps knowledge engineers to more easily structure their data – a problem which is often perceived as a bottleneck in achieving the Semantic Web vision. Another timely topic – data quality assurance via crowdsourcing – was also accepted and demonstrated at the conference. In the fourth talk, the GeoKnow team presented DAW, a duplicate-aware solution for federated SPARQL queries. DAW can be used in combination with any federated SPARQL query engine to optimize the number of sources it selects, thus reducing the overall network traffic as well as the query execution time of existing engines. More information on DAW can be found here. We are also very happy that GeoKnow won the Big Data Prize at the Semantic Web Challenge. The paper can be found here and the demo is here.

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